Stunning wet rooms in Kent

Do you want to install a wet room in your home? Get in touch with the team at A.S. Gane Plumbing Services today.

A bathroom with a stunning finish

Designer bathrooms are all the rage these days. A well designed wet room with tiled surfaces offers a sleek look. At A.S. Gane Plumbing Services, we have extensive experience in designing and creating stunning wet rooms. To find out more about our services, contact our experts today.

Why choose A.S. Gane Plumbing Services?

  • Over 28 years of industry experience
  • Complete project management
  • Modern wet room designs
  • A member of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers
  • Specialists in wet rooms and showers
  • Unique designs

    By making the best use of the available space, our team will try to come to up with innovate design ideas that will help create a stunning wet room space for your home. We’re fully confident that you’ll be totally satisfied with the work we do.
    For innovative and smart wet room designs and installations, contact A.S. Gane Plumbing Services in Kent